Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Mumbai

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Mumbai is the city with the never ending Taxi Rides that not only let the passengers travel reasonably throughout every street in Mumbai but also motivate drivers to offer the best cab services in Mumbai. Riding forward with the places to visit in Mumbai, being packed with the multiple destinations, a lot of them might be unaware of the beautiful and the most amazing streets of Mumbai. However, taking an initiative to deliver #PocketFriendlySawari the Darwin Platform Group Of Companies is taking an initiative by launching Darwin Taxi towards the humanity of the people of India by giving drivers and customers a digital platform.

Here let us list down the Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Mumbai With Friends

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1. Global Vipassana Pagoda

Starting your day with the peace around you. Fetch a peaceful ride through the beach followed by roadside trees, the Global Vipassana Pagoda Temple near Gorai is the perfect place you can take a ride on. Built with the world’s largest stone dome, the Pagoda Temple is designed without any supporting pillars. With the booking of Darwin Taxi you get to ride towards Pagoda that will surely conclude your day with the affordable and the most exciting journey for one of the nearby places to visit in Mumbai amidst lockdown.

2. Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Beginning with the one end of Mumbai, you can commence your journey to visit places in Mumbai from Colaba Causeway. Prominent for the shopping paradise, Colaba is on the top lists to shop goodies, clothes, antique jewellery, home decor items, vintage restaurants, and much more with the ride through the street. Even the whole day for you on the streets of Colaba will end up having much more to explore. Hence Darwin Taxi will rescue you with the affordable cost per ride with your handsful of shopping bags.

Darwin taxi Blog

Darwin taxi Blog
3. Khau Galli, Mumbai Town

Bored with the top restaurant foods ?
You might be undoubtedly searching for the street food that shall satisfy your crave for spicy and variations of cuisines. Backing you up with the cost-effective day for your budget friendly month. You can enjoy every food place with the home like travel through Darwin Taxi. We have customized the Darwin Taxi App for you by providing you with the inputs for your multiple stop destinations with your preferred route at your convenient timing.

4. Ride through Worli Sea Link

Feeling lazy to drive out there ?? Download the Darwin Taxi App and stay in your casual dress. A wonderful ride through the Worli Sea Link will pull you out with the perfect sunset views. Moreover, the ride through Worli Sea Link will surely spread out the peace in your body looking to the silent water and the orange sunset with the cold air on your face through your open car window. The best time to visit Worli Sea Link is either in the early morning or in the evening before the sun sets.

Darwin taxi Blog

Darwin taxi Blog
5. Marine Drive, Mumbai

A dream to hop on to this place of every outsider of Mumbai, Marine Drive is a fantastic place to go for when you are absolutely out of your mood to do any activity. And this also concludes your sense of comfort of sitting at the back seat and enjoying the view by riding through the necklace of Mumbai. Marine Drive being at the edge of Mumbai seems to be a bit far for several localities too. But at the end it is one of the best places to visit in mumbai in night. Therefore, considering the comfort of travelling through the way and being

excited to spend your peaceful night at the bench of this necklace with the sound of waves and the cold breeze will surely want you to spend your whole night there with the fresh sense of comfortably returning home again. There you are with the most affordable ride at your footstep to drive you back home and letting you spend your time reasonably and peacefully.

Why Choose Darwin Taxi To Visit Places in Mumbai

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