About Us

Being the leading company to take an initiative towards the community of Drivers. We are Cab Services working on an online platform inspiring the Drivers to be business people by furnishing them with Digital visibility through Darwin Taxi App, we don’t deduct any fees from the #DriversKiMehnat. Hence Darwin Rides would be the #PocketFriendlySawari for every individual in need of Cab, Taxi, or Auto Rickshaw. We ensure you to be the Best Cab Service around you.

Accompanied by the vision of #EarnYourHardWorkTurant for the Drivers and being Affordable for the customers, we are on the mission to offer Affordable Cab Service through #DarwinRides. Serving you with the portability facilities, we connect the Drivers and individuals in need of rides to arrive at their ideal location at a reasonable value that can be decently overlooked in the expense radar of everyone’s pocket. We are working towards tugging the drivers to rescue their financial stress and at the same time looking out to fit the costs for all the clients looking for reasonable Cab or Taxi benefits around.

We are looking forward for your support to reach the roots of every individuals’ financial obstacles linked with the Darwin Taxi by economizing your #MehnatKaPaisa. Here you be a Driver or the Customer, you are credited as per your work and debited as per your ride. Therefore, enabling this platform for every soul in need to reach their destination, Darwin Taxi is here to rescue you by bringing the Digital Plan Of Action that benefits the Service Provider and Service Beneficiary equally.

Concerning for the safety of the users is on a high note when it comes to serving humanity. Henceforth we are on the raging stage to care for every soul linked to us. Therefore, this is the major reason why we are transparent to all the services we offer by not concealing any of the hidden charges or the fees neither for the customers nor for the drivers.

The Face Behind This Objective

With the confidence of conveying business ventures and generosity on a balanced priority, Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh is the purpose behind this activity towards mankind who has its solid roots in India to deliver Individual Friendly Services. Being an independent man, he is the Chairman and Managing Director of Darwin Platform Group of Companies with the vision and mission to accelerate in every niche that falls on the side of customer-centric services. Depicting the presence of Darwin Platform Group of Companies in pretty much every area, you can discover us standing strong in Banking, Realty, Film Productions, Pharmaceuticals,
Hospitality, and mining sectors. Mr. Ajay Harinath Singh has consistently organized the demonstration of rewarding the general public, working eagerly. Henceforth "Darwin Taxi" is an activity taken by him with the idea of plattering Humanity to the Society.

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